Content Creation Shoot Days for your Wedding Business

Sunday 1st August 2021

The Barn at Avington, Hampshire

£225 per person

Get ready for the ultimate branding experience for your new wedding biz!

Here at The Wedding Rebellion, we know that showcasing your style AND you = booking your dream client, which is why we’re excited to launch a never-before-seen shoot day experience to make sure you can create incredible content whilst also gaining stand-out branding for your business. Perfectly balanced between a styled-shoot and a personal branding session, this is your ticket to gaining valuable images of the work you create, and you at work! 

So how is it going to go down?

We’re running one, epic shoot day at The Barn at Avington in Hampshire. It’s a gorgeous venue, its big brownie points for SEO and couples flood to it for alternative barn weddings.  With 4 x 2 hour sessions for each creative team, these content creation sessions are perfect to tick all those photographic boxes you need to get your business booked up for 2022. Each attendee will walk away with product photography, behind-the-scene images AND branding headshots for websites and social media. Images like these are so important for perspective couples to see you and you at work. 
For this COLLAB//CREATE day we are shaking things up and inviting MORE awesome suppliers to join the creative teams. In each team there will be 1 photographer, 1 stylist, 1 celebrant, 1 cake maker and then a ‘wild card’ attendee. This can be absolutely ANY wedding supplier that also needs tip top branding content for their business. From stationers to photo booths…all suppliers are welcome!
As a team, you’ll be pulling together a gorgeous table setup, as well as a mini ceremony area based on the kick-ass concept we’ve dreamt up (much like you would with a real client) plus an extra area depending on your wild card team member. The photographer in your team will shoot your setup as they would a styled-shoot, hopefully meaning you could then take your images on for a blog submission and feature too! We’ll provide some amazing florals to finish your setup (more details on this will provided on booking) and we’re also bringing in a stunning real couple to work with you during your session who will be decked out in head-to-toe alternative wedding style, with the celebrant in your team delivering a mini ceremony and the cake being cut and eaten by them too! 

But that’s not all.

One of the biggest take-aways from this shoot day (apart from drop-dead gorgeous content for your website and socials) is that the focus will also be on YOU – yep, we’ll be photographing you ‘behind the scenes’, setting and prepping your products, chatting and working with our couple PLUS you’ll be taken for a headshot session with an expert associate to get some totally fresh and bespoke branding.

More than a branding shoot. More than a styled shoot



How are we going to get you prepped for it?

The key here is that you’ll be booking with access to the concept from day dot, it’s alternative and bang-on trend but close to something you’d receive from a real client (ie, a colour palette and inspiration images but no images of exactly what they want you to create). You’ll then be assigned to your team and the five of you will have access to each other straight away – meaning you can collaborate on bringing that idea to life with your own creations. 

Not only will we be sending out a PDF with tips and advice on how to prep but Kate will be leading an online zoom call on ‘how to prepare effectively for your session’ to make sure you’re maximising the time to get the content you need and creating something truly original; whilst Lex will be leading a zoom for photographers on how to photograph a styled shoot that’s submission worthy. 

Celebrants will also be able to speak to our model couple in advance to get to know them and help write a banging mini-ceremony!

If you’re still wanting to know a little more – give our FAQ page a visit!

As part of our Collab//Create Day you’ll receive:

  • Candid, natural ‘at work’ images of you setting, prepping and/or delivering your product in an awesome alternative venue.
  • Your finished product (or for celebrants, you delivering it!) shot by your photographer team member to submission standard, with a gorgeous real couple to boot.
  • Up to 20 professional headshot images for use across your website and social media platforms.
  • A collaborative learning experience working on a mini-shoot, with guidance from two experienced styled-shoot leaders.
  • A chance to showcase your own style, with the added value of having florals, styling, a real ceremony and a cake to tie it all together and make everything even more insta-worthy.
  • A shared gallery of upto 60 images of all of you and your team members individually at work, shot by Lex.
  • New contacts in the industry who you’ll have worked with closely and who will be able to help you grow your client pool!
  • 2 zoom calls on how to ace styled shoots and get the best out of your branding sessions.

We see you - Let's make sure your future clients can too.

Photo by Angela Ward Brown


The Barn @ Avington, Hampsire

Without a doubt one of the prettiest barns in the UK. The Barn at Avington is a light and beautiful space that can be transformed into anything you desire. With plenty of space to style and move around, this is the perfect location for suppliers wanting more boho/festival style weddings in their portfolio.

Not only is this a great venue to boost your portfolio with, but it’ll also give you insider experience of a totally dry-hire venue, as well as helping to improve your SEO and presence on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. 

During your session your team will have complete access to the whole space, meaning you’ll be gaining branding and shoot material that is highly coveted in the wedding industry!

Who we’re the perfect match for:

New wedding businesses wanting to give their portfolio a shot of wow-factor with an awesome concept in an incredible venue.

Wedding suppliers wanting professional, relaxed headshots and invaluable behind-the-scenes photos.

Suppliers wanting to dip their toe in the water of a styled shoot without having to go it alone first time around!

New photographers wanting to shoot their first styled shoot in a safe and friendly environment

Suppliers wanting festival style weddings in their portfolio

We won’t be a great fit for:

Suppliers who aren’t up for working in a collaborative setting – yes, this day is all about YOU getting awesome shots, but as a team you’ll create something truly epic.

Wedding businesses who’d rather stay out of the limelight.

Anyone that loves chair covers.


The Concept

Colourful and Boho with a Festival Edge!

In keeping with The Barn at Avington’s industrial style, we’ve created a concept that’s super-colourful and a little bohemian, with some summery warmth and a bit of sparkle for those Coachella vibes… Just like a wedding, we want you to be able to fully flex your creative muscles, so we’ve given you clues to what our real model couple will be dressed up in as well as how our flowers will look, with the table setup, ceremony area, cake and all your extra decor items entirely up to you!

As a team you’ll pin down the finer details together, creating a totally unique final concept – so get ready to let your imagination run wild…



Two hours of exclusive branding and product/service photography, created by you and your team with the support and guidance of two styled-shoot and branding pro’s! 

Tickets: £225  Early bird price £200!


1 x Exciting and original brief, set against the stunning backdrop of The Barn at Avington

1 x Beautiful real couple in L.O.V.E

2 x Photographers dedicated to capturing you at work, your products in situ and your professional headshots

10-20 x Headshots to use on your website, social media and marketing materials

Your photographer team member’s shoot images for you and your team, including product shots, your couple and your products.


  • Prep zoom sessions with Lex and Kate ahead of the shoot
  • PDF prep document with access info, timings, flower details plus links to furniture and props you can borrow! 
  • Access to your real couple in advance (celebrants only)
  • A chance to work and network with other like-minded alternative suppliers
  • Advice, support and assistance on the day from two styled-shoot veterans
  • Refreshments
  • Goody-bags stuffed with supplier details, next-step tips and essential resources.


Only 20 tickets available (5 per supplier pool) to give you unique content and plenty of time to get papped!

5% of all profits from this event will be donated to Choose Love

Got a burning question? We might already have the answer...

Isn’t this just a styled shoot?

It’s a styled shoot – and so. much. more! We’re not only giving you a gorgeous couple, awesome venue and epic concept, but we’re adding in the part that styled shoots always lack – YOU! Along with the product shots, the branding and ‘at work’ images that you’ll receive are an invaluable part of any wedding business; it’s a chance for your potential couples to see YOU doing what you do best, as well as getting to see the face behind your brand. Headshot sessions with professional photographers can be around £150 for just one hour and that’s not including any of the other awesome elements you’ll have access to on the day. Think of it as a styled-shoot-headshot hybrid with some bonus support from us along the way! The other benefit of Collab//Create is you get to take part in a styled shoot, without going it alone for the first time and dodging some of the major stresses that styled-shoot planning brings (venue sourcing, model scouting, outfit coordinating and more!) so you can focus on the fun stuff.

What will you provide on the day?

We’re bringing on a great team to support your shoot – our model couple will be decked-out in awesome alternative wedding wear, plus hair, makeup and accessories. We’ll also provide a florist who will create some gorgeous installations and a bouquet for you to use as you wish as well as a furniture company who you’ll be able to choose some fabulous extra pieces for your setup from in advance (details on this will be sent out on booking)! You’re of course welcome to bring extra decor items. We’ve also got a professional associate photographer joining Lex to shoot you and your setup, so you’ll have not one but TWO amazing photographers focused entirely on you!

What will happen during the 2 hour shoot?

You’ll have a 60 minute window ahead of your 2 hour slot start time to get unloaded and ready to go, you’ll then spend the next 2 hours moving between setting and shooting your products (or celebrants, delivering a mini ceremony) and going for your headshot session with our associate. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and Kate will be on hand to assist with any of your setup, with Lex giving you direction for photos and putting you at ease in front of the camera.

I’m a planner/stylist: will you help me with how to go about creating our shoot setup?

Yes! You’ll have the opportunity to join an hour long zoom with Kate where she’ll be sharing how she prepares and builds a concept, designs a table and ceremony area and draws everything together from multiple suppliers. Everybody in your team will be able to join and it’s a great chance to consider what you need to do to make sure your setup photographs beautifully. 

How do I know everyone on my team will have the same vibe?

Whilst we can’t guarantee exacting tastes, we know that everyone who is a part of The Wedding Rebellion loves an alternative wedding, and one of the most exciting parts of being a wedding supplier is working with new concepts, new couples and new businesses! You’ll have access to each other from early on in the process, so you can finalise the details of what you’re aiming for and create something everyone is happy with.

Can I choose the time-slot I book on to?

Yes! When tickets go live you’ll be able to choose from one of the four slots available on the day: 10am-12pm, 12:00pm-2:00pm, 3:00pm-5:00pm and 5:00pm-7:00pm. Once a slot is gone, it’s gone, so make sure you’re ready to go when tickets launch!

What happens if there’s a lock-down / is this following gov guidelines?

If, due to the government imposing another lockdown (or measures to that effect), we are not able to hold the content day, you will have two options: 1. A full refund or 2. The option to hold your spot on the rescheduled date. We’ll be running the shoot days in line with government guidelines – this is marketing and branding for your business so it counts as work – and with a small team social-distancing will be easy. You will also need to wear a mask (Which you can remove when having your photo taken) and we’ll provide hand sanitiser.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes! When you book you’ll just put down a £100 deposit to secure your spot, with the remaining £100/£125 due in July.


Secure your space today for just £100!

COLLAB//CREATE booking fee


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