The Wedding Rebellion – Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions below form part of the contract between us (“our”, “we”, “The Wedding Rebellion”, “The workshop”) and you (“customer”, “attendee”, “you”) and are the basis on which any disagreement will be considered.

1.     Payments and Fees

1.1. At the time of booking, the full ticket price will be due unless otherwise stated on The Workshop page (see clause 1.2).

1.2. Where there is a payment plan option available, all outstanding balances will be due no later than 14 days prior to The Workshop taking place.

1.3. Failure to pay all outstanding balances due 14 days prior to The Workshop taking place will indicate forfeiture of your booking and result in you losing any monies already paid.

2. Cancellation

2.1 Cancellations by you:

2.1.1 Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable (to a new date). However, should you notify us of your wish to cancel within a reasonable time frame we may offer you a transfer of your fee to a new date at our discretion:   > 60 days before the workshop start date = Transfer of deposit to a new workshop date (we reserve the right to void this option)    < 59 days before the workshop start date = Loss of all monies already paid

2.1.2 If you wish to transfer your booking to a third party at the time of cancellation, where this is possible, you must inform us in writing and ensure the third party agrees to the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document. Any outstanding balances will remain your responsibility should the third party fail to pay them. 

2.2 Cancellations by us:

2.2.1 We reserve the right to cancel any workshop prior to the start date due to factors beyond our reasonable control or unforeseen circumstances including any personal injury/illness of the tutor or members of the leadership group.

2.2.2 In the event of government restrictions or “lockdown” as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic or similar events, we agree to follow the cancellation schedule as outlined in clause 2.2.3

2.2.3 In the event of cancellation by us, the following options will be presented to you as our customer:  Refund of monies paid so far by you, less a 10% reduction to cover our service and administration fees.  Transfer of workshop to an available equivalent workshop in the future.  Transfer of workshop value towards an alternative workshop in the future.

2.2.4 A fee of 10% will be charged on any refund made, due to cancellations outlined in clause 2.2.2

2.2.5 We reserve the right to cancel any workshop for any reason, and will provide the earliest possible indication if and when this may occur. Once cancelled, any refund provided (or value transferred to an alternative future workshop) is the limit of our liability to you as a customer.

2.2.6 We are not responsible for any expenses, consequential losses or damages which may occur due to cancellation by us.

3. Workshop schedule and agenda

All experience schedules and plans are subject to change at our discretion depending upon, but not limited to, adverse weather, health and safety considerations, or any other factor as determined by us.

4. Limit of Liability

We accept no liability for death, illness, accident or injury or loss or damage to equipment or personal belongings during any experience, or in transit to and from it. We reserve the right to change our plans due to any conditions we deem necessary to do so or to cancel any aspect of the experience due to exceptional or unexpected circumstances. Our liability shall be limited to the total value of the experience only. We are not liable for any indirect or consequential loss. By booking and paying for any experience offered by us, participants acknowledge that they are aware of the risks of personal injury and deem themselves physically able to safely taking part in the experience. Further, they release us from all liability for death, injury, illness, accident or loss of personal property or expenses associated with participation in the experience. We will not be held liable for any loss or additional expenses that you may incur, that are not included in the experience provided by us, even in the event of a cancellation, changes or delay by us.

We accept no liability for the events and conditions beyond our control, including but not limited to the unfavourable weather conditions or unmatched final product (photos) expectations.

5. Marketing Material

We reserve the right to use any photos made by us or by the clients during The Workshop for marketing purposes only. This includes photos with the participants visible in the frame. Should you wish to restrict usage of the photos with you in them, a written notice is required. Up to 7 days are required for us to remove such photos from the circulation excluding those beyond our control.