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Fake it 'til you Make it workshop - May 2020

Our Fake it ’til you Make it workshop hosted in May at The Canary Shed was a giant success. Featuring smoke bombs, motorbikes, neon, 2 gorgeous real couples, dj, confetti cannons and so much more!

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Lauren Marchant Photography
“I absolutely loved the fact that it was a full blown wedding set up. From previous workshops you obviously only really end up with endless couples portraits to share so it's really great to have a bit of everything from this one.”
Marta Ilardo Photography
"I always thought that I don't fit the wedding industry, that it's not really me, that I only do it for money. And of course I (and we all) do it for money, but meeting you guys, seeing the alternative side of wedding, the all inclusive one, the non-traditional one.. I changed my mind! I'm also here for the people!"
Memory Cake Photography
"You exceeded all my expectations! I loved how there were teaching elements in there, super useful nuggets."
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Rebel on the Street workshop

Our very first Rebel on the street was a huge success despite the high temperatures! 3 sessions, 15 attendees and loads and loads of content for each rebel to take home!


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